How to Apply

How to Apply

BankWork$ prepares job seekers for positions as bank tellers, customer service representatives, and personal bankers. This intensive eight-week program offers job training, job placement assistance and ongoing coaching for career advancement.

What to expect
BankWork$ classes are free for participants. The classes run for eight weeks, typically three days per week, although times and days may vary by location.

Getting hired

BankWork$ also offers job interview practice, job placement assistance and ongoing coaching and mentoring to help with career advancement. BankWork$ achieves a graduation rate of approximately 75% and is placing approximately 70% of graduates with partner banks each year.

Participants in the BankWork$ program must be 18 years or older, have a high school diploma or GED, be fluent in written and spoken English, and have basic computer skills. Standard background checks and other restrictions may apply. Please contact your local vocational training provider for more details.

Upcoming Classes

7/02/2018 Phoenix, AZ

7/09/2018 Atlanta, GA

7/09/2018 Philadelphia, PA

7/09/2018 Portland, OR

7/09/2018 Seattle, WA

7/16/2018 Houston, TX

7/16/2018 Chicago, IL

8/13/2018 Los Angeles, CA

9/03/2018 Fremont/Oakland, CA

9/10/2018 Denver, CO


Training Sessions

Please contact our vocational training partners to learn about upcoming BankWork$ classes and registration deadlines.


James Jennings
Phone: 404-659-1150

Association House of Chicago
Sherri Richardson
Phone: 773-772-7170 x 3501

Mountain View College
Elishima Myles
Phone: 972-860-5671

Goodwill Industries of Denver, Inc.
Candice Sporhase-White
Phone: 303-386-2936
Email: BankWork$


Catalina Sanchez
Phone: 713-773-6000 x 138

Los Angeles 

Lisa Meadows
Phone: 310-273-6633 x 5420

Arizona Women's Education & Employment
Laura Fisher
Phone: 602-601-7211 

Shantelle Faison
Phone: 215-236-7700 x 350


Orin Schmitt
Phone: 503-772-2313

San Francisco

Jonathan Berg
Phone: 415-391-3600


YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish
Auburn Learning Center at Firwood Circle
Mercedes Rippel
Phone 253-736-2301

YWCA Opportunity Place
Angeline Sullivan
Phone: 206-823-5753





What People are Saying:

  • I had the honor of being hired by a bank sponsor of this life-changing program. Before I hit my six-month mark, I was awarded ‘Teller of the Month,’ and before my first anniversary, I was promoted to Lead Teller. I've regularly been among the top three in my district for sales and I see endless opportunities for my career. But most important, my children and I are finally safe, free and happy.Ruby Bates, Seattle BankWork$ graduate from 2012 working at Key Bank

  • We developed BankWork$ to open a door for young people from low income and minority communities to help them find and succeed in well-paying jobs that can lead to a lasting career. Every successful person has been helped by someone who opened a door for him or her at some point in their career. We wanted to do that for people who would not otherwise have found their way into banking. And at the same time we are providing our partner banks with well-trained and highly qualified candidates who happen to be from underserved communities.Les Biller, Founder, BankWork$ and Former COO, Wells Fargo
    Founding Trustee, The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation

  • Bank of America looks for a variety of ways to build a pipeline of diverse talent. BankWork$ has developed an innovative way to introduce a career in banking to people from inner city communities and we are proud to be a part of extending the program across the country. Michael Sherman, Head of Global Staffing at Bank of America