In the News

In the News

BankWork$ Partners With Employ Milwaukee on Vocational Training Program
By Sari Leak, Milwaukee Business Journal Oct 25th, 2018
A new partnership will bring will bring vocational training to people interested in the banking industry to Milwaukee Read Article

Free Financial Industry Training Offered for Low-Income and Minority Job Seekers
The Chicago Tribune Sept 4th, 2018
Thinking about a financial career? Would you like someone to help you open some doors? Read article

YWCA BankWork$ Program Graduates First Snohomish County-Based Class May 25, 2018
The ceremony, held in the Edmonds Library Plaza Room, featured opening remarks by Mayor Dave Earling Read Article


Free Program Helps Seattle Job Seekers Start a Career in Banking
By Jennifer Worick, The Seattle Times Jan. 26,2018
BankWork$ trains young adults from low-income and minority communities to work in the financial services industry Read Article

Three Remarkable Individuals That Have Beat All Odds Featured on Wells Fargo Stagecoaches During 2018 Rose Parade  Jan. 1, 2018
Aboard its 129th stagecoach and equestrian entry, Wells Fargo & Co. featured three notable riders Read Article

First Cohort in Banking Program Graduates in Philadelphia
By Ayana Jones, The Philadelphia Tribune Dec. 15, 2017
Tiffany Lassiter is looking forward to pursuing a new career in the financial sector Read Article

How BankWork$ Helps People Find Careers in Pierce County - and Helps Local Banks and Credit Unions Find Talented Employees
By Christian Caple, October 2017
Tawanda Nance has held many different jobs over the past 20 years Read Article

Goodwill-led Program Trains Workers for Careers in Finance, Places Employees in Boulder, Denver Banks
By Shay Castle, September 25, 2017
Banks on board as industry deals with rapid growth, labor shortage Read article

Mesa mother, daughter BankWork$ graduates celebrate careers in financial industry
By Kelly Mixer, Sept. 7, 2017
Mesa resident Deborah Opie was the keynote speaker recently for her daughter's BankWork$ class. Read article


From Fast Food Worker to Los Angeles Banker: One Man's Journey
By Jessica Pacek, Aug 19, 2017
A Wells Fargo service manager shares how BankWork$®, a free training program for careers in the financial services industry, changed his life. Read article


Organización Brinda Entrenamiento Gratis a Personas Que Aspiran a la Industria Bancaria en L.A. (Organization brings free training to people who aspire to be in the banking industry in L.A.)
By Selene Rivera, July 25,2017
Hasta hace pocas semanas, la meta convertirse en gerente bancaria eran solo un sueño para Judy Olivares, ya que no podía dejar su trabajo de tiempo completo. Read article

Training for the Real World: BankWork$ Prepares Students for Life-Changing Careers July 17,2017
For many young people, particularly those from low-income communities, the prospect of finding a job can be incredibly daunting. Read Article


BankWork$ and Arizona Women's Education and Employment
The Arizona Bankers Association (ABA) is excited to announce it has partnered with BankWork$ and Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE) to offer a free training program. Read Article 

Learning the Language of Banking
The Suburban Times June 22, 2017
What's next? It's the question face by every military service member when they retire. Read Article

Philly Career Program Banks on New Initiative to Educate Young People
By Jane M. Von Bergen, June 8, 2017
Speaking at the launching of a new training program for bank tellers and customer service representatives, city Councilman Derek S. Green said he got his professional start as a bank teller.
Read Article

BankWork$ Gives Underemployed Residents Access to Entry Level Banking Positions
By Keith Rolland, Cascade Nov 19, 2016
Low-income residents facing employment barriers are obtaining entry-level job opportunities in the banking industry through a program launched 10 years ago in Los Angeles. The program, BankWork$, is undergoing a planned national replication. Read Article

Edmonds Resident Graduates from YWCA BankWork$ Program
By Edmonds News Feb 5, 2016
An Edmonds resident is one of two local students now working in the banking industry, after finishing the YWCA BankWork$ program. Read Article


Program for 'Banks of the Future' to Launch in Houston
By Cara Smith, Houston Business Journal Oct 15, 2015
BankWork$™, A free training program that's backed by corporate banking players such as San Francisco-based Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) and Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC), is launching in Houston and hopes to capitalize on some of Houston's "underbanked" communities. Read Article

Nonprofit to Help Low-Income Youths Land Jobs at Banks
By Corilyn Shrophshire, Chicago Tribune Oct 15, 2015
A Los Angeles-based nonprofit is launching a free local training program to prepare and place eligible Chicago-area residents in banking industry jobs. Read Article

Bank Career Training Program Will Expand to Denver
By Monica Mendoza, Denver Business Journal Oct 13, 2015
A bank-training program meant to give a leg up to people having a tough time finding a job that leads to a career is slated to expand into Denver at the beginning of 2016. Read Article

BankWork$ Partners with AWEE on Career Training
By AZ Business Magazine  
Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE) will partner with BankWork$™ to deepen its long-time work with adults from low-income and minority communities and those with barriers to employment. Read Article

"BankWork$ Saved My Life," Former Wells Fargo Exec's Teller Training Program Goes National 
By Patti Payne, Puget Sound Business Journal  Aug 18, 2014
BankWork$ is going national. The program, which finds work in the banking industry for at risk job seekers, was launched by the Seattle-based Sheri and Les Biller Foundation in Los Angeles in 2006 and in Seattle in 2011. Read Article

Job Training Effort Comes to Phoenix in 2015
By Russ Wiles, The Republican Aug. 14, 2014

Non-profit program to train inner-city adults for banking-industry careers will roll out in metro Phoenix early next year. Read Article